The Amalfi coast & Vesuvius…

Buses linking the Amalfi coast cities are considered public transportation and cost as little as 2 euros per person, but that also means you could be stacked inside like anchovies in a tiny glass jar, enjoying the view and an extreme physical experience. 

Buongiorno Napoli

We have arrived to the airport at 10 am, it was of one terminal in size. We were all crammed into one line waiting to stamp our passports, my bladder was willing to explode under the effect of the 3 bottles of wine I had onboard, waiting till we landed was not a good idea. I had to cheat and take the advantage of the amount of  non-chalant people bundled together and managed my way through half of the line, signalling to the other generous half that "I had to go”.

Ναυπλία, Ναύπλιο, Ναύπλιον…Or the Old town of NAFPLIO.

The city has multiple names Greek Nafplio, Byzantine Nafplio, ancient Nafplia. The ottoman also called it Mora Yenişehir, or Peloponnese's new city. Strategically speaking it has three castles, one uphill called Palamidi, you need to climb 1000 steps to get up there, or simply drive upwards from the other side which I didn't know till it was too late for my mother's misfortune.

Algarvian colours…

Algarve is the extreme southern region of Portugal. The word's origin in arabic means Al-Gharb or the West, it was the state of west of Andalusia. An embassy employee interpreted it to be the "cliff" (garf in arabic), it was also a plausible explanation because of the nature of the Algarvian coasts.