La Sagrada Familia

If there is only one reason why I should always go back to Barcelona’s Gaudi; it would be that church designed by a person whose eyes and thoughts were not with us on earth rather in heaven.

There are a lot of stunning features, the complexity of the facades, the curves and shapes of the interiors, the light and glass reflections, how the mood changes with the time of day because the colors are different on each side. Check the columns that go up high like  tree trunks that grew branches, leaves and fruits, or the never ending spiral staircases…

You may indulge the visual but its not just that, it’s how every detail makes part of the story or gives an allusion of an extremely peaceful place, and how it gives you feelings of warmth, eternal love and even repent…

Gaudi wasn’t simply putting bible stories together while being inspired by forests, trees and vegetation. He was dreaming of heaven, and trying to imagine how it’d feel like, how it’d look like, he was probably contemplating  what God have done for us so far, what lies in between and keeps us chained beneath…

While inside this breathtaking structure, forget about the crowd, let your eyes gaze up high, let go of your burdening thoughts, get absorbed in the celestial entourage, contemplate the light and shades, let your mind roam freely in a godly forest of endless unearthly space…

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All photographs in this post are my own shots, all copyrights are reserved.

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