Three “NO MISS” Florentine dishes!

1- Pappardelle


Papardelle al Cinghiale

This is an authentic tuscan dish, typically made with wide flat fettuccine like pasta (pappardelle) that is heavy on eggs and fresh wild boar chops. The flavour is intense because according to the chef; it takes at least 2 days to marinate the wild boar cubes in wine, olive oil, rosemary and some other herbs and vegetables.

2- Ribollita


Ribollita chez Mamma Gina

It’s a thick rich soup full of beans, spinach, carrots, parmesan cheese among other fresh and fatty ingredients. You can classify it as the ultimate winter comfort food, as well as a very healthy and complete meal. It may not look or sound as appealing as it tastes like, I couldn’t leave any traces on my plate.

3- Bistecca Fiorentina


Mamma Gina’s bistecca

A piece that weighs normally no less than 600 gms of meat, by default 1 KG for 2 people or more. Eaten rare with no sauce, the trick is not how it’s cooked though. To get a real florentine bistecca, you need fresh meat of a tuscan cow breed called Chianina. The waiter’s challenge for me was to finish it off after I had the ribollita but he was so nice to help me with a small red wine carafe.                                                                                            Which is typically the perfect drink to go with most Italian meals, I would have a nice cup of espresso  after and finish with a limoncello shot unless you have more room; in thast case you can have some biscotti and Vin Santo…


The shop owner was so nice to leave me a bottle of his home made Limoncello…

 All photographs in this post are my own shots, all copyrights are reserved.

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