A walk in the heart of Athens…2

Please refer to the first article for more places that you can explore on foot in the heart of Athens…



Sunset View from the Acropolis of Athens

An Acropolis means literally the “upper city” in greek, it is usually a compound of buildings or a citadel built upon a hill or an area of elevation for defense purposes. Athens Acropolis is not the only one in Greece however it’s recognised as the “Acropolis”…My favourite buildings would be the Parthenon although reduced to ruins from a previous war, it still keeps its charm. The Erechtheion shines on its left side of the hill with Athena’s statues. There are also two theatres on your way up; the Odeon of Herodes and the theatre of Dionysus that are still in shape.


The Erechtheion


The odeon of Herodes

On the other side of town, anyone can easily spot Lykavittos hill distinguished with the white small church on top, an hour walk from the Acropolis…There are two ways up and the choice is yours; either the telefrique or your feet. There is one decent yet expensive restaurant few steps away from the telefrique station that has a 360 view over Athens. The walk would be also worth it…


Acropolis and Piraeus view from Lykavittos hill


Back to the The Acropolis, the museum is usually open between 9 am and 5 pm, on Friday they close at 10 pm, weekends at 7:30 which gives you the chance to visit when it’s dark outside. The lights and reflections give you solace, draw you in a trance…A perfect mood for such a trip back in time, besides you could always sit by the glass window and watch the well lit Acropolis under the night sky.


Acropolis museum; reflections in the glass

The greeks like to dress up and go out at night. They would hit bars, restaurants and clubs and stay till the early hours of the morning. There is a decent Rebetika club in the Plaka “Perivoli tou Ourano”, if you want to have dinner and a table you need to book ahead, otherwise you are most welcome to sit or stand at the bar while enjoying the live traditional music.


Perivoli tou Ourano


The route to Omonia square is rich specially if you walk through Athena street if you are near Monastiraki station as mentioned in part 1 of the walk. It’s reachable from Syntagma square as well, alternatively you can pass by on your way back from Lykavittos hill. During the holidays there would be a christmas bazaar and a food market. The area is good for shopping if you are into that…


Moonier Christmas bazaar

There is one lively street always bursting with people near Syntagma square called Ermou. The destination for shopping with style as well as your entrance to the flea market and Monastiraki square, its last block has Kerameikos site entrance. One remarkable stop right in the middle of the street is Panagia Kapnikarea; one of the oldest byzantine churches in Athens and a very important historical sight.


Panagia Kapnikarea

That’s not all there is of course, you can go to the olympic stadium, take a stroll in the national garden. Explore different places away from the centre; take the tram to Piraeus and  walk to one of the near by beaches. Enjoy a day under the winter sun wandering from one street to the other, unveiling the city’s best kept secrets…Don’t let people lure you into reducing the time to spend in Athens just because they don’t get it.

And I leave you with this quote: “To wander is to be alive.”- Roman Payne.

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