A foodie’s guide to Prague

To chew


It’s always confusing whether it’s Slovak or Czech, the good news is it’s delicious and popular with tourists. You’ll find a kiosk everywhere you go.

Beef steak tartare

Steak tartare

A complex beer snack, requires a methodology to eat.

Yup, it’s not a meal, it’s the most popular snack dish in pubs. On the side you are served a topinky or fried bread (cooked in lard mainly) with several condiments; a raw egg and most importantly garlic. How you eat it? Rub the garlic in the fried bread, season your steak and mix with the egg. Put a portion over your garlic bread and “Bon appetit”. Some chefs will serve it already mixed, personally I always enjoy making some effort before eating. On the other hand, the waiters have enjoyed my puzzled look before they decided to explain to me how it works.


Whether you are starving on the street or just having a breakfast in your fancy hotel, there is a variety of Czech sausages that you need to experience. There are plenty of kiosks in Wencelas square, of course very touristy but would serve you well after a good amount of beer at night. There is a good variety of sausages as they come usually grilled, fatty and juicy regardless of the size or color.

Confit de canard “Czech duck”

Duck confit

One of the most famous dishes in Prague

If you like ducks, this one is juicy coupled with red cabbage and dumplings, as simple as it gets, as tasty as it gets. I recommend a dark Kozel to go with it.

Fried cheese or Smažený Sýr

Another beer snack, could be an Edam or Camembert coated with flour, eggs and bread crumbs and fried to a sweet golden tone. Usually served with a salad, sometimes potato wedges or even a burger…Might be a exaggerating a little.

Fried cheese

The perfect beer snack coupled with rocca salad and berries…


It’s not very different from the duck, it’s just either beef or pork with sauer kraut and dumplings. Even though you can find anywhere in Prague but each place will give you a different flavor. I am not a big fan of well cooked meat, but I was never disappointed.

Kolache & Butchy

Kolache Butchy

My favorite breakfast in Prague.

With fruits (plum for example) or cottage cheese. It’s to die for…


czech crepe

A sweet thin pancake with honey, cream sauce and herbs…Yes that’s for dessert!


For some reason Czech peach was awesome, even though i don’t generally eat peach. They are also famous chocolatiers, so have your fill in a Trdelnik or a bar. The Czech cuisine may not be exclusively czech, most of the surrounding countries have the same dishes including schnitzel.  Some of the most famous dishes to have in Prague are from different countries but it doesn’t matter, the food will not disappoint you…

To sip


Welcome to the land of beer, it’s not only cheap…


Czech republic is the home of many herbal liquors, including the dangerous absinthe.

Becherovka sweet

It’s a herbal liquor with a sweet taste and the bitterness of ginger, a favorite…


Gingery taste…

Speaking of ginger, don’t miss out on ginger tea, a local speciality made with lemon and fresh ginger, it could pull your brains out, literally…

ginger tea

Ginger tea

Tip: Avoid Czech wine at all costs.

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