Buongiorno Napoli

We have arrived to the airport at 10 am, it was of one terminal in size. We were all crammed into one line waiting to stamp our passports, my bladder was willing to explode under the effect of the 3 bottles of wine I had onboard, waiting till we landed was not a good idea. I had to cheat and take the advantage of the amount of  non-chalant people bundled together and managed my way through half of the line, signalling to the other generous half that "I had to go”.

Essaouira…A little gem in Morocco

Every city in Morocco has an "old medina", the old town confined within its fortress wall. Once you are off at the bus station, the town seems chaotic and dirty, a 5 minutes taxi ride will get you to a charming castle; all blue and white. The first thing you'll see outside the gates is the fishing port.